Training Activities:

Since its inception in 2013, EDC-NE had developed an effective entrepreneurship training system that changed the lives of young and emerging entrepreneurs within the region especially in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and Bauchi states.

The approach that distinguishes the EDC-NE entrepreneurship development training system is that in addition to providing training in English language, participants that are not English literate are learning in Local Hausa language and other local languages within the region. EDC-NE believes that business mindset re-orientation, personality development, attitude shaping and moral standards are an integral part of the participant’s entrepreneurial education. This enable participant to become well-groomed, more productive and responsible entrepreneurs. EDC-NE conducted series of innovative activities, key among them is the training of People with Special Ability (Physically Challenged) and the training of retired/retiring civil servants. EDC-NE training is therefore described as person-centered and market demand-driven approach which is geared toward promoting and developing competent and productive initiatives in the area of small enterprises.

Entrepreneurship Training:

Mindset Reorientation

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Business Enterprises

Unlocking Entrepreneurship Competencies

Marketing Strategies

Production Plan

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Organization and Management Plan

Basic Financial Planning

Life Skills:

Leadership Development

Business Ethics

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Business Law:

Company Law


Law of Contract

Law Agency

Technology and Entrepreneur

Business Enterprises and the Internet

ICT and Business Information System.

Business Development Services

Credit Facilitation.

Mirco Insurance Facilitation

Market Development

International Trade

Market Access and Networking

Mentoring Services

Value Chain Development

Co-operative Formation, management and Sustainability


Under this phase trainees are to undergo attachment in the relevant fields for hands on experience.


At the end of the training, trainees are required to prepare bankable business plans proposals. This is a major requirement for the certification of the participant.


Part of the responsibilities of EDC- NE is to link the graduands of the centre to the appropriate financial institutions for financial service support (Loan facility). The institutions include; Bank of Industry, Bank of Agric, Microfinance Banks etc.


The duration of the training programme ranges between 12-16 weeks depending on the category of the participant

For graduates of tertiary institution

Entrepreneurship Development Training(Class work) 4weeks

Internship 6weeks

Finalization of individuals business plan 2weeks

Non- graduates

Entrepreneurship Development Training (Class work) 6weeks

Internship 8weeks

Finalization of individuals business plan 2weeks


A mandatory registration fee of Five Thousand Naira only (N 5,000) is paid by the participant as commitment fee.